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Hachiroku ハチロク

December 17, 2012


Also known as the Toyota AE86, Hachiroku is Japanese for “eight-six”. I attempted to make a low polygon count version of the car. It has approximately 2,000 vertices and 3,700 triangles.

After learning about projection painting, I made various textures from different points of views of the mesh. Although it seemed simple in theory, it was quite tricky in practice. Transcription of textures meant compression of quality because of size conversion, resulting in a pixelated image.

Near the end of the project I decided to implement composition because without filters or any blurs it looked very monotonous.

After a while I decided to try the Cycles Render Engine. A bit hard to manipulate at first, but it did not have a steep learning curve or large transition from the internal renderer. I believe with the new blender updates, cycles was updated since the tutorial It follows a holistic approach instead…

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