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Traces of a Hobbit

December 17, 2012


HobbitI recently read The Hobbit , a story about Bilbo, a hobbit, going on an adventure with thirteen dwarves and a powerful wizard, Gandalf. Why “Traces of a Hobbit”? Well because us clumsy humans are never able to see them! I’m sure glad of it, science can not disprove them as inexistent because clumsy humans are incapable of seeing those sneaky little hobbits!

This took quite some time, approximately a month and a half during the weekends because of school. I had to start over about three times wtih various different approaches due to consistent failures. Eventually I succumbed to the idea that I know nothing about topology and started to look through some tutorials.

Unfortunately, even with Ubuntu, my computer is still too slow to process the model at a fast rate without crashing. It could be because I have insufficient RAM causing the program to crash. Fortunately…

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