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Oysters @ Hai Loong Marineculture

December 24, 2012


Oyster farming in a tropical country ? Never knew of it, never heard of it. Documentaries i saw on television only highlight that you need a nice current that circulates, a cool temperature etc……But in tropical waters ?

I remember reading about Hai Loong Marineculture a year ago and was already piqued enough to want to make a visit but I either did not have the company or the time. It slipped off my mind until i had cravings for fresh oysters 2 weeks ago…….I dreamt of my visit to Paris 🙂

Siegfried and Fanny replied to my email and that they are ready for visitors again…well… only some visitors…… Lucky Us !

Hai Loong Marineculture 01

Hai Loong Marineculture 02

Hai Loong Marineculture 05

Hai Loong Marineculture 04

Hai Loong Marineculture 03

Siegfried’s told us to get to Mamam Beach on Pulau Ubin. Which means we have to take a 10 mins boat ride from Changi Jetty to get to Pulau Ubin and track for 20 mins or so…

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