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Touchdown in Colombia: The Cartagena Chronicles

December 24, 2012



DSC_9528                                            DSC_9529


Cartagena Colombia holds UNESCO world heritage status for reasons that are obvious to those who have ever visited this classic colonial city.  Cartagena has a rich history deeply seeded with pirate attacks, hurricanes, conquests, and heroes. Cartagena also consists of the largest and poorest population in Colombia outside of it’s historic fortified walls of the “old town”.  As our plane from Boston began to prepare for landing, our view of beachfront development, luxury apartment condominiums, and new age concrete fingers that were stretching towards the light of the sun changed into rough and tumble lean-to’s, concrete block houses with metal roofs, and the reality of yet another Latin American country with a huge gap between the rich and the poor.  Instantly I felt like I was home again.  This whole traveling thing has sunk it’s fangs deep into my skin by this point, and I felt incredibly at ease…

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