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How Could Something So Pretty Smell So Bad?

January 4, 2013

Hey from Japan- or wherever the moving van arrives- Emily Cannell

And I don`t mean my smelly brood.

I`m referring to one of the World`s Great Mysteries. Not as famous as Crop Circles, the building of the pyramids or the disappearance of the Mayans, but equally mysterious.

Just how is it that these beautiful and majestic Ginkgo trees can smell so bad? One trot through a Ginkgo row and you`ll rival Usain Bolt in a sprint for an escape route. Noxious, nauseating, nefarious- all perfect descriptors of this suffocating stank.

To further the mystery, once the funk reaches a peak and the berries drop to the ground, people clamor to pick the fallen fetid fruits in order to remove the nut inside. Which somehow is then eaten. The first person to discover and eat this nut must have been one hungry hombre. Or Bear Grylls.

When I was in college, there was a lone ginkgo tree outside the Biology building besideā€¦

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