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Işıldak Construction Contracting Trading Limited Company has been established in 1992. On 1993, production of PVC window systems started via imported machine parks, and considering the effect of these products in the market; steel doors in 1994, interior doors in 1998 have been started to be produced. In 1999, our company had its first export, and achieved a milestone in the sector in 2000 by getting the ISO-9000 quality certification. Again on 2000, the first patent has been achieved.

In 2001, the design office has been established, and research&development activities have been more systemized. In 2001, even when there wasn’t any sector in balcony glazing systems in Turkey, development and investment went towards balcony glazing systems. An understanding of being a “systems firm” has been adopted, and user needs and expectations towards quality have been reviewed. In this vein, focus has shifted towards product development and dealer organization, thus securing the place of Albert Genau brand in the sector each passing day. In 2003, patents of heat isolated balcony-façade glaziny systems have been obtained in Turkey and internationally. First international exposition experience has been İstanbul Window Exposition. After the exposition, the first dealership has been established in İstanbul, as a first step of the dealer organization. A database has been developed to keep the dealership information ready and easy to manage in 2005, and enterprise resource planning has been initialized.

The fundamental balcony glazing system of Albert Genau, Zenon, has started to be produced in 2006. In the meantime, fire doors has been added to the product portfolio. In 2007, the facial recognition door, Secumax security equipment installation; in 2008, movable partition wall system Wallium, the entrance room Entroom has been put in production. In 2009, the foundations for Albert Genau Technology and R&D Center has been established. Product and system development activities for existing activity fields and other subjects has been brought under one uniting roof.

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