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Skipping Stones In the Pond Of Life & Death

Peg-o-Leg's Ramblings

They say that even when someone dies, they aren’t fully gone; they live on in the memories of those who knew them.  I think that the opposite is also true.  When someone dies, they take some of our memories with them.

In the past few days, two people I know died.  They weren’t especially close friends; they were so much older than I that to claim friendship would be impertinent.  But they were both people I admired and now they are gone.

The first, George, was a respected business and philanthropic leader in our community.  He and his family have been loyal clients and friends of my husband’s family for many, many years.  He treated me with unfailingly courtesy in the more than 25 years I was privileged to know him.  I would be hard pressed to think of someone who better personified the term “gentle man”.

The second, Marthe…

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Reaching for Freedom

Belle of the Carnival

The other morning  I was listening to Jian Ghomeshi interview  J.K. Rowling about her new novel “Casual Vacancy” and she said something that struck me, “You have to be free to fail in this life.” She pointed out our creative work should never be an imitation of our previous selves and then we have to be willing to take chances in order to evolve in our work. 098

I know we are all destined to fall on our face from time to time but sometimes the fall is life’s greatest lesson.  We grow and learn from our mistakes which propel us to move forward to take the next chance, work hard, and embrace lady luck.

We have the freedom to move forward and know that there are a world of possibilities.

We all face challenges and obstacles but how we rise above these is the common testament to our strength, will…

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Living Large After Death

Life in the Boomer Lane


Despite opposition from some members of his Republican party, and despite 87% of the American population being unable to pronounce his name correctly, John Boehner today won a second term as US Speaker of the House. In another joyous development, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter have been deemed safe listening fare by the Pentagon, while anything considered LGBT is not.

Let’s now leave Boehner, Limbaugh, and Coulter to their private celebrations and talk about something a lot more pleasant: death.  If you are personally anticipating death at some point in your life, this post is for you.

First off, the funeral home.  Frank E Campbell (the company, not Frank himself) has been burying the rich and famous for 115 years.  According to the website, “Service styles have varied from the most formal funeral mass to services featuring a single work of art or, once, an airplane tire.” A suggested list…

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littlegreybox 2012 in review

My Brain in a Jar (Part 2)

Mostly Bright Ideas

BrainDiagramThere are clear benefits to leaving your brain to science. For one thing, there’s no more sitting at traffic lights, having to go to the bathroom in the middle of a movie, or arguing with someone three continents away about the four-dollar mistake on your last bank statement. For another, you never get the hiccups.

But there are problems, too. You’re submerged in a beaker filled with liquid chemicals, which is no doubt unpleasant until you get used to it, something like jumping into a cold swimming pool, or eating hummus for the first time. You may discover, too late, that you’re uncomfortable in confined spaces, or don’t enjoy out-of-body experiences. And it’ll be hard to hear what people are saying about you, especially when their backs are turned.

Most troubling is that you have little control over what the scientists will do with your brain. The worst outcome is…

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The Dark Crystal

The Fashion Medley

Bo Don by Dancian for Zoo Magazine #37


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